Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skidoo Connection

Meetings, meetings, meetings... nine of them back-to-back. Then a drink with the London-based contingent of the UK Now team. Good to reconnect, out of context in a Trafalgar Square pub.
By a happy coincidence, Patrick's down from Edinburgh for work. Couldn't dfind a pub showing the Borussia Dortmund / Real Madrid match, so we ended up having dinner at BAFTA, using the BC's very useful member's card. Great to catch up - and funny how our worlds are meshing. There's the possibility of a sculpture exhibition at a new museum in north-west China, and today he's been with the family of William Turnbull, the sculptor who died a few months ago. His two sons, Johnny and Alex, are in the band 23 Skidoo. I was quite a fan of them in the early 80s and am almost certainly the only person in China to have their first six records.

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