Thursday, April 18, 2013

After the Storm

Storm Thorgerson, graphic designer extraordinaire, died today. He'd been ill for some time. From 1968-83 his small design agency Hipgnosis (which also included Aubrey Powell and later, of all people, Peter Christopherson) were the go-to people for prog, heavy metal and clever pop groups - think Pink Floyd, Led Zep and 10cc. After that, he dabbled in music videos and then set up Storm Studios returning to what he did best. 
More than most, I'd have thought that the shrinking of the sleeve from 12" to 5" met with disgruntlement. But maybe not - he was always the optimist. I met him twice: once in London at a talk, and then in Tokyo at the opening of one of his many exhibitions at which I pointed out the little-known cover of Ashra's Correlations. He couldn't remember who they were.   

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