Friday, May 25, 2012

Rock Bottom

A truck, somewhere in China
Well, I always knew the festival would be a rollercoaster ride, and today we had our first low point. The truck carrying our Rockarchive exhibition from Chengdu to Beijing was supposed to arrive first thing this morning, but for reasons that are still unclear (breakdown, accident, traffic, wrong turning?), it is stuck in Shaanxi province  Cue rest of the day frantically trying to contact the 150+ people who said they'd be coming for tonight's opening, figuring out what day would be safe to reschedule, and giving the transport company hell. 

Fresh off the plane at lunchtime, photographer Jill Furmanovsky took it well (better than I did...) and we went ahead with interviews in the gallery with blank walls providing a forlorn backdrop. Still, everyone's being sanguine about it, 'these things happen', 'not the end of the world' etc. We've rescheduled for Sunday evening. 

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