Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outsider Art

Much of the day spent with the Stegers in 798, but not work for once - just strolling around the galleries and shops, and finally got to see the last day of the Gu Dexin's retrospective exhibition at UCCA. Interesting guy: no formal training, my age so grew up in the Cultural Revolution, after which he started producing weird, 'outsider art' drawings & paintings of many-breasted humanoids. He then got into repetition and large installations of fruit, meat and plastic before giving up art altogether in 2009 and returning to lead a 'normal life' in the same residential Beijing compound he grew up in. 
Anyway, interesting show . The large steamroller-with-apples installation (see pic) has decomposed and now stinks to high heaven. 
Talking of squash, Markus and I had a game - my first for a year - when we got home.   

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