Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Agricultural Potato Scam

Just across the road from my office is a large assortment of buildings dating from 1959  collectively called the Agricultural Exhibition Centre. Contrary to its name, it's not limited to farming stuff (though interestingly there's a slight whiff of it): this afternoon Liz & I popped in to see the annual Art Beijing Fair.  We met a Brit exhibitor with a small stand who said she'd been approached by some sort of business consortium for a very large order for work, requesting her to come to their hotel as they were too busy to do the deal at the Fair. It had all the makings of a scam, so she didn't go.
On a lighter note, I received an email today with the subject header: Potato Storage - Top Urgent!  Ironically, this was not a scam, though I have left it to others to decide where to store Tony Cragg's Potato Heads in between Beijing and Chengdu showings. 

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