Sunday, May 13, 2012

DJ Culture

A morning and afternoon of welcome domesticity - or at least taking the girls to & from dance classes - then back to 798. This time for a talk between Samantha Hall (otherwise known as DJ Goldierocks) and Zhang Youdai, also a DJ but, more importantly, one of the key movers & shakers in China's rock scene (see post a few days ago). But I got the time wrong and arrived just as it was ending. Not a disaster -  luckily my colleague Yuxi introduced it - and actually I caught some Q&A and a Chinese electronic duo by the name of Nova Heart who Youdai had brought along.
Afterwards Youdai invited a bunch of us to dinner at a place called China Lounge. Cue incredulous expressions as they got in their cars and I got on my bike for the 4-mile journey back into town. 
Sam's an interesting character. She's the compere for Selector, the radio show that the British Council franchises around the world - 30 countries and counting. In China it's broadcast in Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Wuhan. Apparently the Guinness Book of Records have got in touch as it may be the world's most widely broadcast radio programme? She's got incredibly eclectic taste, mixing all sorts in a weekly one-hour show. Nice evening, though awkward moment at the end as we wondered who was picking up the tab. I did.

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