Thursday, May 24, 2012


Liz and I went to a music event tonight that wasn't part of UK Now: an hour-long recital featuring 5-10 year-olds, including our two girls. They're learning the piano, as their mum did before them, and performed their two pieces (When the Saints... and When We Grow Up) with aplomb. Other standouts were two boys trumpeting the Theme from Titanic and another two on drums & guitar playing Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here of all things.
I never learnt an instrument. There were half-hearted attempts on the recorder (the world's most boring instrument?). I would have liked guitar or piano lessons but for some reason it never happened. Ironic, then, that I formed a 'band', but thanks to punk's Just-Do-It ethos, that's what so many teenagers did in the late 70s. And playing 'experimental' music covered a multitude of sins...
We don't push our two too much (unlike some), but recently they've really got into it and will wander over to the piano - which we're lucky to have - to tickle the ivories. Or plastic in our case.

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