Friday, April 6, 2012

More Classical Music

Back to The Egg (a Wings album I believe) for more classical music. We showed a film about Clive 'See Yesterday' Barda followed by Q&A. Attending was an elderly Chinese photographer by the name of Yang Shaoming who'd apparently been Deng Xiaoping's personal photographer for 12 years. Extraordinary chap: towards the end he got up on stage and started talking about composition and Henri Cartier Bresson. Clive can talk, but he'd met his match here.

Yehudi Menuhin is of course featured in the exhibition (the only one that was posed), but he also presided-in-spirit over the opening night of the Menuhin Competition. This takes place every two years, held in a different city each time, this year with 42 international competitors in two categories - Under 16s and 16-21. Tellingly there are lots of Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and just a sprinkling of Europeans. Tonight's concert featured past winners - including Tasmin Little from the very first competition in 1983, who also compered the evening in unfeasibly high heels. Tomorrow the real stuff begins.  

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