Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another festival

Time to check out the opposition. The annual French arts festival, called Croisements has kicked off. It's a 2-month (as opposed to our 8-month) thing, and this is their 7th year so they have a lot of experience. Packed opening party in the lobby of the Sofitel Hotel. All the food was on sticks, including lollipops which seems to be the festival's theme this year (as in tasty?) and there was plenty of good wine of course. But it just seemed to be a lot of milling around.

The festival line-up looks pretty interesting. There's a good cross-section of exhibitions, film, dance, theatre, classical & popular music, literature and débat d'idées, although I'm not familiar with many of the names. And of course there's nouveau cirque. What is it about the French & circus? Anyway, bonne chance! God knows if I'll get to see any of it...

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