Monday, April 23, 2012


One of the stranger things I've done in my job is to launch a new car. It was at the massive Beijing Motor Show and the car in question was an MG Icon, a concept car. Well, I helped launch it, stood on stage, gave a speech. MG have sponsored our Rockarchive exhibition and in return have borrowed a few photographs and used the UK Now brand. In other words: Brit car + Brit rock = Cool. Or something.
I remember going to a couple of Motor Shows at London's Earls Court in the 70s. My little brother and I would head straight for the Lambourghinis, Maseratis and Ferraris and implore the salesmen to give us all the glossy brochures they had, on the premise that we would buy one when we had a job. They were glamorous affairs. They still are I suppose. Thousands of gleaming cars at alarming angles, flashy videos of saloons with darkened windows driving through deserts, and lots of rock music. I didn't see any decorous models draped over bonnets, but one guided me up the two steps to the stage, for which I was very grateful.

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