Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairweather Footie

Not doing a very good job of staying on top of football scores, but I do know that it's tight at the top of the Premier League and Bayern beat Real on penalties in the Euro-semis this evening so will meet Chelsea in the final. I used to be an avid footie fan: supported Revie-era Leeds (a 'fairweather' fan then), would never miss an FA Cup Final on the telly (for a time, an almost religious experience, now almost irrelevant?), swapped World Cup coins in the playground (I still have them) and loved actually playing (my career took me to four illustrious clubs: St Richard's Colts, Chichester High School, Sounds and BCFC). Haven't played properly for ages, but enjoyed an impromptu 15 minute kickaround in Chaoyang Park the other day with a bunch of kids and their dads, and it got the old adrenalin going as I swept down the wing, past one 6-year-old, past another (a girl), before cutting inside and firing an acutely angled shot the wrong side of the post (3 jumpers). Brought it all back...

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