Friday, April 13, 2012

The Elliotts with Children Took to the Streets

More UK Now stuff at NCPA, but time for some theatre. 1927's The Animals and Children Took to the Streets was for me, and promoter Cui Yang, one of the highlights of last year's Edinburgh Fringe Fest... so we've brought them to China. They've been here a week already, opening in Guangzhou and then Changsha, before coming to Beijing for a 5-night run. 

It's a tale set in a seedy inner-city tenement block full of criminal children, perverts, peeping toms and curtain twitchers  - the perfect play for our two young daughters then. But what makes it both brilliant & accessible is the incredibly inventive synchronization of real-time acting & music with stunning films & animation. Sort of Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam directing a children's story by Nick Cave in Russian constructivist style. Brilliant. And a full-house.

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