Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stickman, live on stage

This morning we took the children to see Stickman, by Scamp Theatre in the big purple upside-down tent on Bristo Square that is Udderbelly. It's a theatrical version of Julia 'Gruffalo' Donaldson's book - and worked really well. Bit of catchy music, amusing props, a fair amount of audience interaction, some pathos...

Edinburgh is buzzing - not just with tourists but with actors, artists, musicians... and arts bureacrats like me. And so many cafes! Wherever you look there's a coffee house or falafel bar. We plumbed for a picnic in West Meadow Park, overlooked by the old Edinburgh Infirmary, now transformed into sumptuous looking flats. We then visited the newly renovated National Museum of Scotland which looks beautiful, especially the airy Grand Gallery. But although the Natural History wing is impressive, it's so jammed-full of stuff that my head hurt after half an hour and I was glad to make an exit.

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