Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cars: the sequel

Nearly bought a car today. My colleague Stuart is leaving and he needs to sell his Great Wall Hovver, which is a kind of Chinese SUV. The price is good considering it's almost new, we can get an interest-free loan, it would be nice to have, useful for getting out & about especially in the winter, good for Liz's independence... and yet... Do we really need one?  We've done without for 10 years in Tokyo and Bangkok and a year here. Wouldn't we rather have a couple of nice holidays instead? And then there's the tax, insurance, petrol, inevitable repairs - and the parking spot is ₤90 a month. Plus there's Beijing traffic and nowhere to park, and it's a left-hand drive and manual. Certainly I don't need it. And do we really need to add yet another gas-guzzling, fume-emitting vehicle to Beijing's streets? We went through this a year ago, it was worth reconsidering, it would be 'nice'... but nah.

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