Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Cabs

Back-to-back meetings, a lunch, a seminar, a public talk, a reception and a couple of shows, neither of which were very good. The one show I really wanted to see - Tim Crouch's I Molvolio - I missed out on. I've seen him a couple of times before, including the similar I, Peaseblossom... but my Chinese promoter-friend Cui Yang coudn't get a ticket and it was important he saw it so I did the decent thing. Sigh.

One of the things I went to - a reception for Wales Arts International - was in a club called Cabaret Voltaire... Not sure if they named it after the the early 20th Century dada club in Zurich or the band from Sheffield. Which reminds me, I recently read that Stephen Mallinder is now (quote):  "Project Manager for the National Subject Profile for Media and Communications and Staff and Students in Media Education 2008 for the Art, Design and Media Subject Centre of The Higher Education Academy (ADM-HEA)". Even if I understood what that meant, it's a long way from Nag Nag Nag.

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