Friday, May 6, 2011

White again

Another welcome music offering, at a good little club called 2 Kolegas, next to a drive-in cinema, just a short hop on the bike from home. Mainly went for White who opened at the unearthly hour (for me) of 11pm. Zhang Shouwang on electronics and Wang Xu (from The Gar) on drums: just as immediate and impressive as when I saw them in February. 

There were three French, or semi-French, acts afterwards, part of their month-long festival, Les Croissements. Caught a bit of Chapelier Fou who played electronics, violin and guitar, but the attractions of the outdoor bar, conversation (which you could actually hear) and a warm evening proved too much. And I missed the 'headliners' - We Are Not Invited and Pet Conspiracy - completely as 1am came and went. Just can't take late nights nowadays.  

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