Monday, May 9, 2011

Squash 2

Played my second game of squash in China this evening with Stuart. Won the first game a month ago which ended with bashing my head against the wall, but honours even this time and no injuries. Good workout. The court is in the basement of our management block. How convenient is that?

I'm not a great player. Took it up for a while in the late 70s and have a hazy memory of Leonard Rossiter playing at the club one evening. Also that Heather McKay was the top womens player in the world at the time. And by top, I mean top: she never lost a match between 1962 and 1981!  Then there was a huge gap before taking it up again in Bangkok (see post a year ago) which had the added post-game attraction of a nearby pub, pool table and fish & chips. Haven't got that here... Couple of interesting facts: squash isn't an Olympic sport (why not?) and England has the most courts - 8,500+ - in the world (why?).


  1. I believe that Leonard Rossiter actually met he's end at a squash court........
    Did you know he was in "2001"?

  2. If I remember correctly, Leonard Rossiter met his end on the squash court.......

  3. Yes, I thought so too but I also read another report that it was prior to going on stage. So not sure really.