Friday, July 2, 2010

Toodle-oo Topsy Turvy

Today was A & N's last day at school. End of a big chapter in their young lives. They've enjoyed four wonderful years with lovely teachers and made many international friends.

We picked them up in the afternoon. I was expecting tears but in the end they were pretty calm and collected; maybe they'll come later. Lots of BFF (Best Friends Forever) hugs and email exchanging...

The downside of being an expat is that no sooner do you develop friendships then one or the other party moves on; this time it's us. The upside is that they're beginning to accumulate friends dotted around the world and although they won't see them often, they'll keep in touch with many of them.

Not sure if it was the goodbyes or packing stress, but actually it was Liz and I choking back the emotion...

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