Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clothes and cassettes

This morning we drove to a warehouse on a bleak industrial estate in Wembley, a stone's throw from the stadium, to be re-united with our winter clothes. Strange to be reminded of coats, boots and woollens we last wore five years ago. But we'll need them in Beijing.

And this evening, while drinking with Laurence C near The Angel, I was re-united with a series of cassette compilations I did for him in the late 80s / early 90s which he has not only kept but even continues to play, and considers them interesting enough to bring with him to the pub. Here he is and here they are. Blokes eh?


  1. He once asked me to do one for him, which I did. I wonder.........

  2. Welcome back for a short interlude in London! My recently purchased new CD player actually plays tapes as well, so last week was catching up with old demo tapes from Schmoelling, Klaus Krueger, Asmus Tietchens, Lars Stroschen, and, surprisingly great, Andreas Grosser. Still haven't managed to convert them to mp3s.....