Saturday, July 10, 2010


We're staying in Liskeard in Cornwall. Liz's mum's house is an internet-free, TV-free and Orange-free zone so we're well and truly off-line. Quite nice actually. Though it must have been somewhat frustrating for Liz growing up without TV, especially at school when your friends were talking about John Craven's Newsround or TOTP.

So I'm writing this in the public library, a small but well-stocked old building in the town centre. Liskeard itself is an old market town with some fine Victorian buildings (over 100 of them designed by one man, Henry Rice) and Cornwall's second-largest church, inbetween the moors to the north, the coast to the south and the River Tamar and Plymouth to the east. Liz's mum has lived in the same house for nearly 60 years. There's not a great deal to do, but sometimes it's good to do nowt but relax, read and potter.

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