Friday, July 9, 2010

The flying nun

My sister-in-law, Margaret, is a Benedictine nun. She spent 33 years living in an enclosed order at Stanbrook Abbey in Gloucestershire before being forced to leave last year. The challenge of maintaining such a large 19th century building with just 25 nuns therein was just too much and most of the community moved to a new home in Crief on the North Yorkshire Moors. Margaret, however, managed to secure a position at a convent in Rome where she is planning to run a course in Gregorian Chant. Result! Anyway, she has just flown in to London on her way to visit Crief so we've been fortunate to catch her. Good to see here. Funny the life choices we take....

Incidentally, looks like Stanbrook Abbey has finally found a buyer in Amazing Retreats who hope to market it for weddings and conferences. They specialize in off-the-wall locations like Spitbank fort in the Solent.

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