Monday, May 24, 2010

Wrong address

I'm in Singapore for the annual British Council East Asia Arts Meeting where we will define what each of our 11 countries will be doing over the next year. Last year it was in the Marriott in Jakarta, a week before it was bombed. Hopefully this year will be relatively uneventful.

Bizarre beginning though. My boss, Christopher, invited me and my successor Neil to dinner at his place. He gave me the address over the phone - 16 Belmont Park, apt 0303 - and off we went in the taxi. Arrived, buzzed 0303, saying it was David & Neil, main gate opened, went up to the 3rd floor, buzzed on their door and were let in by a Chinese woman ('the maid?') and into a sitting room in which sat a Middle Eastern man wondering who we were. The feeling was mutual, and not a little Lynchian. Turned out that we went to 16 Belmont Road by mistake, which also happened to have an apartment numbered 0303. How weird was that!?

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