Saturday, May 8, 2010


So, surprise surprise, we have a hung parliament. I'll leave it to the legion of political analysts to comment on the situation. It was interesting following the election from Bangkok (which has its own political turmoil). I confess I didn't vote. I could have done so - by post - but I didn't. To be honest it's really hard to tell them apart these days. Anyway, I followed it on the BBC's website, which I must say was excellent.

My first election was the Big One in 1979. I had just turned 18 and knew nothing. After Callaghan, endless strikes, rubbish collecting on the streets, England not qualifing for the World Cups twice in succession, I voted for a woman. I knew no better. In 1983 I was doing my finals at Univ and voted for the SDP-Liberal Alliance who seemed a better bet than the extremes of the other two. In 1987 I was living in London and voted for Labour, and have done so ever since, though it took another 10 years for them to win.

No surprises in 'my' constituencies: my home town of Chichester swung even further to the Conservatives, and Streatham (our last UK home) remained Labour, though only just held off the LibDems. Somewhat disappointingly, I didn't spot any silly name parties.

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