Saturday, May 22, 2010

100th post

Home sweet home. We had a stroll around but Rama IV is still sealed off so there was nothing dramatic to see. Got the neighbours' stories but I sense we'll only have a few days before it's back to normality and we'll start missing the communality of phoning & texting everyone and 'being in it all together'.

So ton up... I do wonder about this blog sometimes. It wasn't long ago that I was railing against Facebook and the Me generation. Me, me, me - listen to what I've got to say! And now I'm doing exactly that. l can't be bothered about FB and Twitter, but I like the discipline of near-daily posts. And even Liz is getting into instant messaging on Skype. If you can't beat them, join them.


  1. Congrats to post 100! I'm pretty good in catching up now! But not sure how many accounts I set up now in order to be able to place some comments...maybe once I log out I have to do thge same thing all over again....

    Glad you're home! So luckily there was no looting!

    I agree that a blog like yours is much easier to follow (and less advertising-free and much cleaner) than the facebook-toy. (That's why I only have FB as a fun-tool, lol, I wonder if you don't get annoyed by all the silly stuff I'm commenting there....).

    Wondering what you think about the impact of all those messaging tools on language... I noticed I find myself using "u, ur, lol and :) in horrifying amounts already)

    Will keep it short, already wrote a lot today!

  2. Glad you managed to make a post but irritating that you can't use your Yahoo account to do so. The "Comment as:" button only lists Google, LiveJournal, Wordpress, TypePad, AIM, and OpenID. I don't know how to get round this. Anyway, now you have a G(oogle)mail account.
    Wow, extensive comments! Which makes me want to respond now but will have to be later.