Friday, May 28, 2010

Closing the Circle

The first place we ever visited in Thailand was the island of Ko Samui, five and a bit years ago. We stopped off there on our return to England after six years in Japan, stressed out by all the packing and goodbyes. So we've decided to repeat it: a long weekend in the same hotel, even (we think) the same room. A little risky trying to replicate perfection, but what the heck - it's half-term, we got a good deal and the return leg will have a twist.

Engrossed in Jung Chang's Wild Swans which I've finally got around to reading. Fabulous biography of three generations of Chinese women: the author (a young member of the Red Guard but who has lived in London for the last 30 years), her mother (a good Party Member but who suffered persecution during the Cultural Revolution) and her grandmother (a one-time concubine to a Kuomintang warlord). Riveting.


  1. Just starting "Wild Swans" after I'm still raving about her fantastic Mao biography....

  2. "Mao"'s on my list too. Currently reading Da Chen's "Sounds of the River" which is OK but frivolous in comparison!