Thursday, May 28, 2015

Theatre or Dance?

Gecko Theatre Co have been touring Mexico for the last week or so. Liz and I took A & N to see their last show at the Teatro Julio Castillo this evening. The show is Missing. It's part play, part dance work and a lot of amazing visual effects. I saw it two years ago in Edinburgh but it still surprises. The story's very simple really: Lilly tries to come to terms with her past, her parent's divorce, her mother's departure, has some therapy and forgives her. Her mother was a dancer and the story is one long piece of exquisite choreography. But it's more than that. It also feels like a film. Much of the action is quite literally framed, and there are moments of fast-forward and rewind, brilliantly accomplished in real time. There is dialogue, but it's sparingly used, in different languages, sometimes gobbledygook. 
Our girls kind of got it, but it was pretty existential stuff. At the end, N asked "What does 'existential' mean?"  Um… oh look it's raining. Where are the umbrellas? Shall we go now?

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