Sunday, May 24, 2015


The Eurovision Song Contest: so bad it's good. Last night the 2015 show was won by Sweden with a song called 'Heroes', but not that 'Heroes'. The first time I watched ESC, now including Australia for some reason, Sweden were also winners. But that was Abba. 
One of the weirdest performances was by Telex, the 'Belgian Kraftwerk', in 1980. I remember looking forward to it. Three guys, two keyboards and a modular Moog behind singer Michel Moers. Unfortunately the song, 'Euro-Vision', was rubbish. Of course it was meant to be rubbish - the lyrics were a send-up of the competition itself. They hoped to finish last, but Portugal spoiled it all by giving them 10 points so they finished a boring 17th. But that wasn't the weirdest. Now if you really want to see some genuinely 'out there' performances, check out this top 10 selection.

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