Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Brit Abroad

Nyman at home in Mexico City
This morning I took part in a press conference to promote Michael Nyman's upcoming three-city tour. Nyman loves Mexico. So much so that he bought a house in the boho Roma neighbourhood in 2008 and moved here semi-permanently in 2012. The tour will feature the Michael Nyman Band playing on its own and, on the last night, with the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra. 
Exactly 30 years ago, when his album The Kiss and Other Movements was released, I interviewed him at EG offices in Chelsea and regularly attended his Band's London gigs. And they were gigs. It was what I liked about Nyman. An amplified band playing stomping Baroque music with the audience split 50/50 rock and classical. 
I reminded him of our first meeting and embarrassed him by asking him to sign his eponymous second album from 1981 in front of everybody. I then further embarrassed him by offering my condolences re QPR's relegation from the Premier League last weekend. (He is a lifelong supporter). I was perhaps chancing my luck there.  

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