Monday, May 18, 2015

Plaza Uruguay

Outside my office is a square called Plaza Uruguay. It's a small park with lots of trees and a very large modernist sculpture in the middle, from which at one time water would have cascaded into a pool but is now dry.  I pass it every day, to and from work, and often wonder who created it, but there's no information. 
50 yards away is a statue of Jose Artigas, 'liberator of Uruguay'. There's plenty of information about him. Turns out he made his name fighting the Spanish in the early 19th Century, but interestingly he started his 'career' fighting the British in what is known as the Invasions of the River Plate in 1806/7, which I'd never heard of before. There is a nice irony that his statue sits a stone's throw away from the British Council.  

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