Sunday, January 4, 2015

Surf's Up

Not us
Never too late to learn how to surf... Or is it?  We had lessons this morning, and whilst A&N took to it like the 'dudettes' they are fast becoming, yours truly just couldn't get the hang of it. I could get into the crouch position, but just couldn't stand up. Too big/heavy/old. Great to see the girls master it though. Puerto Escondido is a surfing Mecca, famous for its Mexican Pipeline which is at its peak in August and September when it hosts international competitions. I don't think we're quite up to that standard yet.
Liz, sensibly, opted for a cookery lesson making tacos dorados and empañadas, which we ate later and were delicious.

The surfing theme continued over drinks and desserts in our local restaurant while watching a documentary about... German fresh water surfers. Extraordinary footage of Deutschesadrenalinjunkies launching themselves into weirs and fast-flowing rivers. 

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