Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Cock-up on the flight front. A month ago when we booked our flights, we were disappointed to learn that all the flights from Puerto Escondido back to DF were full, meaning we had to book one from Huatulco, 100 miles further down the coast. So, after an hour-and-a-half taxi ride this afternoon, we checked in at the new airport only to discover that the flight we'd booked... wasn't. We had a reservation receipt, but payment hadn't gone through. Oh. Could we buy four tickets now? Nope, completely full. Any other flights tonight? No. Nothing till tomorrow evening.
So, tails between our legs, we ventured into Huatulco, found a basic hotel in the port area and went in search of something to eat. Strange place. Felt very new - lots of civic pesos spent on public squares, promenades and arcades with the hope that private investment and people would follow. But it was empty - of people and soul. 

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