Friday, January 2, 2015

Spanish Lessons

Part of the deal in coming here has been to combine lolling around on the beach with Spanish classes. The latter didn't much appeal to A&N but actually an hour and a half splits up the day nicely and they seemed to enjoy it. The school is tiny and basic, overlooking Zicatella Beach, which we walked the length of to get us back to the hotel. On the way, 20 or so paragliders descended from a pure blue sky, each making a perfect landing on the white sand. 

We had dinner at a nice restaurant cringingly called One Love where we attempted to play cards while awaiting our food. I say attempted because one pack had 60 cards but curiously no 4s and the other had symbols which none of us could work out, so we ended up playing Jenga instead. At one point Liz got into hysterics and all but wet herself (which I'm sure she won't thank me for mentioning). 

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