Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Los Beatles

Mexico's love for The Beatles knows no bounds. In taxis, cafes, bars and shops you can usually hear a Fab Four song. There are four radio programmes each week playing 12 hours of nothing but Beatles-related music. Abbey Rock Shop in Condesa sells only Beatles stuff: vinyl, CDs, books, videos, mugs, posters, puppets and every conceivable trinket you could possibly think of (and some you could't). There are countless cover bands, one of which, the strangely named Garden Fete, are this year performing all The Beatles' albums in consecutive order once a month, finishing with a show concert where they'll play every single song they ever recorded in one marathon session.
The Beatles never played in Mexico. They were going to, in 1965 after the Shea Stadium tour, but the mayor decided otherwise. Paul McCartney has played in Mexico several times - the last occasion at the Aztec Stadium and Zocalo Square in 2012. Ringo Starr's been (and is coming back this March) - and he met his wife Barbara Bach in Mexico. George Harrison's wife Olivia was actually born in Mexico City. So there you go.

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