Monday, July 15, 2013

RIP Snowy

To Plymouth to see Grace, Liz's old German teacher. And she is old, but still 'all there', slightly batty with a mischievous patter. It's nice how Liz has kept in touch with her. Inspiring teachers are never forgotten. (I can't say I've kept in touch with any of mine...). 
There's a huge ferris wheel on the Hoe. What is it with big wheels? You used to only find them in fair grounds, now every status-conscious city wants a whopper. There's a huge one planned near our home in Beijing - the biggest in the world of course. For sheer design aesthetics though, the London Eye is still the one to beat.
Speaking of wheels, we got news from Beijing that our hamster has died.  "Sad news is Snowy past away last week. It's a morning when Flut just open our gallery and he took yoghurt to feed her, but she slept in her room. Flut called her and she already died. So Flut wrapt her with rice paper and put her into a little box. She slept in the garden of Landmark now. But she looks placid and clean... Tell the girls: don't be sad, Snowy got so much love from them. So she must be a most lucky hamster in this world.:)".
The girls cried a bit but they'd been prepared for it. She was old in hamster terms. And she did get a lot of love from them. 

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