Friday, July 5, 2013


I hate being late. Shouldn't have taken the South Circular - that pitiful excuse for a ring road which, after leaving the A23 from Brighton, we crawl painfully along, in single-file, bumper-to-bumper through Norwood, Dulwich, Forest Hill, Catford, Lewisham... until we finally reach Greenwich Park. 
We are meeting Ann & Ken who happen to be over here from New York, and Claire with whom they are staying. In a previous life, Anne was my girlfriend or I was her boyfriend and Claire my flat-mate, and for a year or so we lived together in Lewisham. In fact Claire still lives there. They've met Liz before, but it's the first time either of them have met A&N. Great to see them. 
From there, more crawling through traffic to meet up with niece Juliet and her boyfriend Daniel in a Clapham coffee bar. Late for that too. 

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