Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hell's Teeth

Poor old NHS. After its leading role in last summer's Olympic opening ceremony, it's back to being harangued and vilified. Possibly with reason - I can't really comment having lived overseas for most of the last 15 years. 
That said, my own experience at an NHS dentist in deepest suburbia this morning was absolutely positive. Could bare the toothache no longer so at 9am rang the NHS hotline who found me a nearby practise and was in the chair at noon having a fairly major piece of work done. Very good dentist - Central Asian I think, though not the establishment shown here, which I saw in Kashgar.
So we never made it to Chichester this morning, but we did drive to Brighton to stay with Iain, Shona & family... who I have to say make fantastic home-made pizzas - which I could just about eat using the other side of my mouth. 

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