Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Took grandmum for a pub lunch at The Cardinals Hatt. It was OK, good food, bit sterile, music too loud, usual middle-age issues... But what really bothered Liz and me was the lack of apostrophe. We'll forget the ye olde spelling of hat, but it should be Cardinal's or possibly, if the hat was shared, Cardinals'
Of course there are more important things in life than grammar - like love, a job, being nice to people, Tintin and caramel - and I really don't want to sound like someone's parents (actually, we are), and generally I'm OK with email speak, txt abbreviations & ampersands, and sometimes I like to flout convention, like beginning sentences with And, and this really is too long a sentence... but for some reason missing or wrongly-placed apostrophes really bug me. 

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