Tuesday, June 19, 2012

White Elephants?

A day of running around from one thing to another, including a meeting with Beijing Olympic Development Agency out by the Birds Nest. We've been working with them on making a 30-minute film for The Big Dance which will be screened in Trafalgar Square on 14 July alongside a film from Rio and 2,000 real dancers. Needless to say, the Chinese film will be super-polished but we hope will remain true to the spirit of The Big Dance choreography devised by Wayne Macgregor. 
Took a while getting a taxi back. They're weird areas, Olympic Stadiums. Sort of like airports: with massive car parks, slip-roads & other roads which don't seem to go anywhere, the inevitable conference centre, tracts of land still awaiting development... and not much in the way of life, except for sporting occasions, which isn't often. I wonder how London's Olympic Park will fare?

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