Saturday, June 9, 2012

Three Lasses

So, Maddy arrived in the morning and off we all went to 798 for lunch, art browsing and nick-nack shopping. There are so many gallery openings at the weekend that you can take your pick and as often as not find yourself being served a glass of bubbly. It chucked it down late afternoon so we sheltered in a nice coffee shop opposite yet another opening. 
Liz, Maddy and Motoko went out for dinner so I babysat and then completed watching the 3½ hour Scorsese-directed documentary about George Harrison, Living in the Material World. A well-made, exhaustive affair but I'm not sure I really learned anything new about him.  In the end, I liked Terry Gilliam's description of him as a mix of "grace, humour and a weird kind of angry bitterness". Has there ever been - will there ever be - a band more done to death than The Beatles? 

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