Friday, June 1, 2012

Diamond Duck

Yesterday the girls went to school in Diamond Jubilee regalia. Liz fashioned 'ermine' cloaks and  I made crowns, but the best items were a delightfully kitsch tea towel and rubber duck, brought over by Nick yesterday. They were the envy of their classes. I mean, how could their Chinese or Korea or Japanese classmates compete with that? 
Naomi was going to go as a corgi but we convinced her that no-one would get the corgi cultural context - she would just look like a dog. At best. Incidentally, we found out that the Queen has dorgis as well (apparently a cross-between a corgi and a dachsund). 
Anyway, we're missing out on all the fun & festivities back home. Doubtless there will be street parties across the land. Let's hope the weather holds out.

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  1. i like this duck and it is mine and Alyssa's
    from Naomi