Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alice in Sanlitun

Frantic last day at work, interviewing for a new arts manager, finishing up tons of stuff, handing over to Leigh... and all without the luxury of an extended evening. For tonight was also Alyssa & Naomi's end-of-term school show, Alice in Wonderland. Alyssa was a card (an ace of diamonds to be precise) and Naomi a flower - both Oscar nominees. Of course as a proud parent I'd say it was fabulous but, really, it was a genuinely good production with great songs, costumes, dance routines, the works. 
It's funny seeing a cast of multinational 6-10 year-olds performing a 19th Century English children's story in Beijing. It was first translated into Chinese in 1922, but would have been read by very few people then. Interestingly, it was Disney's first film: not the famous 1951 version, but a short one-reeler made in 1923. 
Anyway, I pity the teachers who had to put it all together. And I pitied Liz and me as we stayed up to 2am, packing. Boy am I looking forward to this holiday

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