Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking for the sake of music

I seem to have less and less time to listen to music. Weekends are mostly about family. I often ask the girls to pick a letter and then vinyl or CD, resulting in something I haven't listened to for ages, but it's got to be reasonably accessible. Evenings offer a bit more leeway (when I'm in) but once we've eaten, washed up, watched the news, talked through our respective days, done some Chinese homework, dealt with admin... then I'm pretty much ready for bed and a few pages of a book. I envy my friend Wolfgang who can listen to stuff while working, which is simply not an option in my job. So... I'm experimenting with walking rather than cycling to work - which gives me 20 iPod mins each way. This week I've been listening to three new albums by bands who've been going for 30 years: Wire's Red Barked Tree, Blancmange's Blanc Burn and Shriekback's LIfe in the Loading Bay. It's not enough, but it's a start.

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  1. check Cold waves - minimal electronics post on WeirdBrother today. Lots of obscure minimal synth bands from early 80s with nary a Depeche mode, Blancmange or Human league in sight. Would be interested in how many you have heard before. oh, and BTW, it's all bloody marvellous.