Friday, April 8, 2011

Glued to the Monitor

Today was 12 hrs glued to the PC with occasional breaks for meetings, soup and a Chinese lesson. Most of my day is spent emailing people in China and UK. Today I received 115 emails, only 10 of which I deleted without opening, a further 20 were for info only, which left 80+ needing action of some sort. That's an unwelcome ratio and bad for the eyes & posture.

When I first joined the British Council, we had post, fax and telex. Remember telex? We also had a masive great typewriter if you wanted to hammer out something yourself, and a typing pool. For documents we would have to send it to Bornemouth in a van, wait two days, correct it, send it back again, and then post it somewhere. Some people had secretaries! I also used to write letters with a pen. Imagine!

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