Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bob in Beijing

Bob Dylan played in Beijing last night, his first ever show in China. I was half-offered a ticket but it fell through at the last minute. Not a big fan but it was an 'event' and would have been an 'experience', not least because hardly any A-list names play here. My friend Steve (Barker of The Wire), went though and gave a positive report. Apparently it was near enough full: one-third ex-pat, two-thirds Chinese. He did a good selection of old and new. His voice held out. The only words he said throughout the concert were introducing the band - who were apparently excellent. Needless to say, he didn't sing Chimes of Freedom.


  1. Sooooo disappointed, David! How dare you NOT to be a Dylan's fan ;-)
    Such a shame !!!! Cheers to you from minimally radioactive Seoul

  2. Anyway congrats on covering the event... This was apparently breaking news (even without Blowin' in the Wind or Hard Rain's Gonna Fall) as it was on title page of FT today.

  3. Hang your head in shame Mr Elliott. Cache of said "event" aside, you have passed up the equivalent of seeing John Coltrane, Jackson Pollock, Robert Johnson doing their thang. Shame shame shame.