Thursday, March 17, 2011


My very good friend, Wolfgang, has come to visit. Wolfgang and I go back over 30 years. We met through Conrad Schnitzler, whom I interviewed in Berlin when I was 18. While we were drinking tea, Conrad showed me a letter from this German fan, who must have been 16 then, and asked me to reply on his behalf. And there started a great friendship. Wolfgang contributed to Neumusik, we interviewed musicians in Germany and France together in the early 80s, he even performed on stage with Andrew & I at our last gig as MFH in London and then, in the late 90s, he moved to LA to work for Chris Franke's label, Sonic Images, as designer. He's lived there ever since (though no longer works for Franke).

To our amazement, it is 11 years since we last saw each other although we're pretty good at keeping in touch. He hasn't changed a bit. The most widely read and avid music listener I know, and a fine designer to boot. (Which actually sounds very like another dear friend). Great to catch up!

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