Sunday, March 6, 2011


Our Made in Britain exhibition opened this afternoon at Xi’an Art Museum. All went smoothly. Delphine & team did a great job on the installation, Linda organized the opening ceremony, Yan Ying the press, Lucy & Li Ning everything else, and we got a very big turn-out. So much so that Delphine was worried about the artworks. Our special guest was artist Matt Franks, whose Fooooom!! (2000) attracted a lot of attention, and his talk a full house with people sitting down the aisles. I did a TV interview in the gallery, which started with: “Tell us about contemporary art in the UK”. Anyway, all good stuff and a relief after two months of difficult negotiations.


  1. Tell us about contemporary art in the UK

  2. Reminds me of a guy in Canada who said to me, "So, you're from Europe? What do you do for fun over there?"

  3. Well, once it was a few poseurs who painted pictures and who were far removed from the rest of us, but now everybody's doing it. Even my 8-year old. Although she's not famous yet. But there's plenty who are. There's one who puts sharks in formaldehyde and another who makes tents and another who, get this, destroyed all his possessions. In a shop. Everybody talks about art now. Even in bus queues. We still queue in Britain you know. Some values haven't changed. Next question?