Thursday, March 31, 2011


Following my friend Wolfgang's root canal torture a fortnight ago, it's my turn to visit the dentist - ostensibly for a check-up but as it happens I've got some pain in a rear molar. I hate dentists. The smell, the equipment, the injections, the drills, the ache of having your mouth stretched open for ages, the taste of the mouth-wash, the waiting, the cost... Like Bowie for most of his life, I've never been one for whiteness and uniformity at all costs - the Hollywood smile. In fact I don't (somehow can't) show my teeth when I smile. My lips cover them. So my teeth are OK, not great, not bad. Average perhaps. I ate a lot of sweets in my youth so I've got a lot of fillings. My new dentist asks if I grind my them in my sleep as they're quite low in my gums. I've no idea. I mean, I'm asleep.

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