Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Couldn't really make head nor tail of George Osbourne's budget today, which was unveiled just down the road from where I was meeting'd out all day, but I was amused by the betting that goes on around his speech at the HofC. You could get odds on all manner of things:
- length of speech: 56 mins (longest was Gladstone's 4hrs 45mins in 1853)
- mention of the word "tax": 95 times
- colour of tie: purple (a non-lucrative 2:1)
- sips of water: 8
- and whether Kenneth Clarke would fall asleep. Ladbrokes were offerings odds of 16/1 that he would. He did.

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  1. Speaking of boring old men. Just listened to Eno's latest. First worrying signs of Dad at Disco syndrome. Lots of dub steppy daft punky beats with a few classic vein slowies. We don't pay mr eno to be behind the curve.

    Apart from that, some pleasant melody.