Monday, October 18, 2010

A walk through 1920s/30s Shanghai

Flew to Shanghai this morning and will be here all week for various things. Good to meet the team and options are coming together for strengthening it post-Expo. Nice lunch with Gavin (our Director here - I first met him 11 years ago when he was Our Man in Sapporo) and James Kennedy who who used to be Director Russia during the 'difficult times' a few years ago when we were bullied and all but closed down by the authorities. Bruised, he left the BC a couple of years ago to become International Director at Warwick University and looked a happy man.

Then off to Markus & Caroline's on the edge of the French Concession. We ate at a nice Thai restaurant and strolled home through lanes lined with plane trees, art deco houses and chic boutiques & caf├ęs. It was like walking through Paris or maybe Richmond. Tranquil and beautiful - a preserved bubble of the old European world surrounded by modern China.

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