Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EU Film Festival

This morning I attended the press conference for the upcoming EU Film Festival which will be screened in Beijing and then tour to Xi'an and Chengdu. I know EUFFs well enough from both Tokyo and Bangkok where they were mildly diverting affairs, but in China they strike more of a chord because of the limited quota of foreign films allowed for general release each year. Happily, film festivals are exempt. Anyway, the EU Ambassador gave a speech and then a trailer showing 10 second snippets of all 25 films was shown. Much to everyone's surprise, almost all of them featured sex: snogging, stripping off, the works... At the end, Monsieur Ambassadeur said: "I'm not sure who compiled this but I feel I should point out that this is not totally representative of European lifestyles. It's true we like to make love, but we also have jobs, raise children, eat, drink and go shopping".

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